Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Obama and the Myth of Black Progress

by Quincy Stewart
Pontiac MAALS Chapter

One and All,

I realize that in the midst of all the hoopla and feelings of hope and "Yes We Can" slogans, comparisons to "Camelot", the Kennedy years and even some references to Martin Luther King Jr., we must come down from the fantasy, give up on Santa Claus in any form, whether it be political or in the form of "Claymation" and look at stark reality.

Barack Obama, though seemingly sincere and desirous to "do good", is alas, a politician; Outside of the little good of Adam Clayton Powell, who ultimately misused his power, very few if any elected officials have done a whole lot of lasting "good" for the People.

Most of the good done for the People have been through non-elected, grass root captains like Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, Sojourner Truth, John Brown, Harriet Tubman, and my personal favorite, Nat Turner; King nor Fred Hampton were elected officials...none of our real heroes and heroine were ever elected officials. Why, you might ask?

Elected officials are beholden not to the electorate as they claim to be during campaigns rather, they are beholden to financiers, contributors, political allies from their home-base where they began to build political muscle and other places and people. I realize that Obama had to do it to become president, so don't call me impossible for mentioning this, but he had to deny his own pastor, who was telling the absolute truth about this system, about white-skin privilege; about America as an inherently, racist, sexist and homophobic nation.

Obama had to cut ties from people at the grass root level who supported him, but happened to have the integrity to stand on their principles which were not popular among the brainwashed masses, and this was only due to us being so "educated"! Obama had to look and act like the old Tom on the front of the Cream of Wheat box! He had to sell out, lock, stock and barrel, so Jessie Jackson's punk ass could cry on national television at the election rally like a little bitch.

That is the equivalent of Nat Turner crying in appreciation over one field nigger who in Virginia, got a chance to manage the master's smoke house! How can we cry over being in any "WHITE house? The culmination of our struggle for freedom from white supremacy is to cry when we are part of it? Middle managing it?

Bill Ayers, the repudiated so-called "terrorist", who never took one life but was engaged during the 1960's and early 70's blowing up unoccupied government building to dramatize the horrific, bloodthirsty, racist and murderous state of the United Snakes government as it related to its occupation of N. Vietnam, the murder of its people and the pillaging of her lands, as well as the brutal, murderous treatment of any group that openly disagreed with the government like the Black Panther Party for Self Defense, was dissed by Obama.

He called his pastor of 12 years reprehensible! Obama is a true Uncle Tom...even Ralph Nader said it!Keep in mind, dear reader, that the United Snakes of America's "government" have been involved in more murder, outright genocide, pillaging of lands on this soil and everywhere abroad than anyone; most notably Africa; covert and overt coups of legitimate countries and governments throughout the 20th century and attempted open murder of heads of state like bobble-headed Ronald Reagan tried to do on Qaddafi some years ago. Reagan sent a plane to Libya in the still of the night to bomb Qaddafi's home and killed his only son.

The fact that America, under the madman, Mussolini/Hitler type sadist, George W. Bush Jr. has unjustly gone in to Iraq, murdered thousands upon thousands, and sent many U.S. soldiers to their untimely and unnecessary deaths, against the United Nations and world opinion ALONE is justification to never entrust politicians who BUY their way into a place of public trust!

Why is Ralph Nader considered a joke in a campaign? Because he has NO MONEY. Not because of his political ideals or even his integrity...just MONEY. The Matrix is real folks... many of you are asleep in it, going about your daily lives solemnly and blissfully oblivious to the complete control they have over your minds. Not that I support Nader per say, but his voice as well as many others go unheard and unconsidered, relegated to the loony-bin of political discourse because they hadn't enough money to be heard...what kind of shit is that, yawl?

You are not encouraged to critically think in any form of schooling, including college! You have been educated under an archaic, agricultural form of schooling, replete with the old behaviorist, teacher know everything, shut the fuck up and just get a grade approach!

You have been duped, hoodwinked and wholesale bamboozled into thinking that once you leave school your shit don't stink have been educated by the system not to truly think, because then you might ask some critical questions.... you are told not how to think but WHAT to think so you can chase Dollars, Yens, Marks, Euros, Franks, long as it's money, resulting in greed, avarice, are truly American.....

Once you create a system that forces its people to judge themselves and each other by how much they have acquired, where they live, what they drive, how many letters are behind their names and how much money they have, you have a sure-fire way of bending the human Will into silly putty; seeking the comfortable captivity of blissful ignorance over the authentic joy of clear truth, love and justice.

Once you do that the people will sell their own mothers out, do unspeakable things to either acquire or keep wealth, perceived power or prestige; hell, they will even sell their own truth telling pastors out for a mere pittance. (or just be Joe Lieberman).

New Africans (so- called Blacks; remember a so-called "white" man or woman can be born in or move to any place in Africa and come here and be considered what on their official United States citizenship documents? You guessed African-American) are so naive and pitiful!

We are so woefully politically immature and uneducated that we would pin our hopes on Mister Rogers, Pee Wee Herman or the Cookie Monster if either said the right things to us! We forgot that Amilcar Cabral stated that, "Culture is our first line of defense against colonialism".

We forgot that once a culture has been decimated through its desire to "assimilate" (brought about through years of brutality and brainwashing), that culture is suffering from a mortal wound in a main artery... massive cultural can no longer judge what is in it's best interests any longer... it will suffer from a collective dependent personality disorder on the very system that exploited and presently still exploits it.

It can not carry out its natural functions without the "approval" of the dominant culture who has, by the way, thoroughly inculcated the subordinate culture's mores, labor, values, and culture to its own benefit via as in our case, slavery ( the exploitation of unpaid labor to build a leisure wealthy class for the dominating culture), its music, its language; the dominating class berating the subordinates' culture to the point where it seems ugly and distasteful to its own people and then the dominating culture steals it and makes money with it, leaving us here in 2008 calling each other "niggers"... as a term of endearment! Come on...come the fuck on people! Insane!

Once you truly survey the political landscape both contemporaneously and historically, even a cursory search would tell you that America is a morally bankrupt, cold, calloused and insensitive governmental system that hides behind superfluous philanthropy, or rhetoric about "democracy" to fool the people who live here that this is the best country on earth!

Yet, Nagasaki and Hiroshima are but one example of the brutality and ruthless nature of these crazed white men (in Africa you have crazed black men who exploit their people so this isn't an indictment on simply being white as criteria for evil...its the human condition) who have blazed a trail of ingenious ways to kill, rob, exploit, rape, behead, burn, castrate, enslave ( by the way there are still many countries in the world TODAY practicing open slavery) and make war with everyone.

When Obama even suggested he'd like to TALK with America's so-called "enemies", the crazed white male establishment derided him for it! TO TALK TO SOMEONE IS SEEN AS FOOLISH....TO BOMB IS PRUDENCE!Historically, viscerally, it may provide some comfort to those who need it, that finally there is black man in the president position. Keep in mind that he, Obama, is only a middle manager for the corporate elite, and black faces in high places do not translate into power for us AT ALL.

True power is a radical redistribution of economic, military, geographic, political and social power. That will never happen because to acquiesce that would mean the collapse of world domination and would begin a dialogue free from the advantage of power in the hands of a few.

The realest power is love to be sure....but alas, we don't eat, sleep or live in love. Practical issues must be faced and dealt with. People want a capitalist earth and a socialist heaven. What a profound contradiction.

Now many Black people believe they have what they want, Barak Obama, the Black ‘Presidential Moses’ in the white house, who has finally delivered Black people into an integrated America. What a political fantasy, let’s get real! Our Moses is Black political self-determination, the only earthly deliverance.

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